Your Trusted Cleaning Service


When it comes to your place of business, the fact is first impressions matter. Which is why it’s important to always ensure a clean, aesthetically pleasing environment that sends the best possible message. However, proper cleaning can be a challenge, with things such as time and available staff often being limited.


Because of this, it’s important to seek out a cleaning service that you can trust, which provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring that your building looks great. At Klean By Kelsi, we provide just such a service. Our team of friendly, down to earth cleaners takes pride in going above and beyond client expectation, by providing the cleaning services you need to ensure clean and a beautiful appearance.

We’re able to effectively clean a variety of buildings and environments, ranging from commercial office space to new construction sites. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your building or facility and will happily work with you to establish a cleaning schedule. 

Throughout our time in business, our clients have come to appreciate not just the quality cleaning service we provide, but the fact that we’re easy to talk to and always make sure to listen to their needs and requests. Our aim is your satisfaction, and we’re always more than happy to do what we can to ensure that. We’re a proud, American owned local business that values integrity and hard work and takes great pride in being a valued member of the local economy.